[DANAE] Data protection issues regarding the „National Educational Panel Study" Germany (NEPS)


Project objective:

A National Educational Panel aims to carry out diachronic, longitudinal research on central questions in education. The data gained from this research project shall be made accessible to the international scientific community as so-called "scientific use files".

A project of this kind necessarily results in data protection issues. The Institute of Legal Informatics has therefore been assigned the task of addressing a number of these issues by the University of Bamberg.

One central aspect of this task is the organisation of data processing within a research consortium in compliance with the provisions of data protection law. This raises the question of where personal data could be stored, who should be allowed to access this data and whether anonymisation is possible.

Project publications

No publications yet

Project data

Supporting institution: University of Bamberg
Funding: 13,600 EUR
Project duration: March-May 2009
Project partners/associates: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó, Dipl.-Jur. Nico Reiners, Mag. Markus Kastelitz, LL.M.