[DATEMBIDOK] Recommendations regarding the amendment of the Austrian Education Documentation Act (BilDokG) from a data protection point of view


Project objective:

• The evaluation of data protection issues and assistance in the process of differentiation between data processing purposes in terms of maximum storage time and literacy documentation data

• The identification and introduction of pseudonymisation services to introduce an editorial principle according to which texts are proof-read by a 'second set of eyes'

• To provide a definition of adequate process flows in terms of data protection in the case of the involvement of trusted third parties for pseudonymisation services, given that the information retrieval in the public authorities is being kept in the "Literacy documentation law"

• The solicitation of quotations and calculations of eligible service providers for the pseudonymisation process

Project data

Project data

Supporting Institution: Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture
Funding: 23,000 EUR
Project duration: 01.06.2007 – 31.12.2007
Project partners/Project associates: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó
RAin Dr. Tina Krügel, LL.M.
Dipl. Jur Marian Arning, LL.M.