Data Protection in the European Union

Project objective

Structured electronic commentary on the European Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and its transposition into German, English and Swedish law.

Project data

Supporting Institution: EU-Commission
Funding: 509.000 EUR
Project associates: Dr. Stefanie Springer
RA Scheja
Ass. Catrin Knappert
Christine Schmidt
RA Christian Schwantzer
Project partners: Strathclyde University Glasgow
University of Hanover/ IRI (Projektleitung)
University of Stockholm

Project publications

Ian Lloyd: The Data Protection Act 1998, Butterworths 1998
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Wolfgang Kilian: Introduction into the EC Data ProtectionDirective, in: Kilian (ed.), EC Data Protection Directive, Darmstadt 1997, p. 1-13
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Cecilia Magnusson-Sjöberg: Implementation of the Data Protection Directive in Sweden: A source of legal turmoil, in: Revue francaise d’administration publique (no, 89, 1999) pp.37-48 (translation into French)
Cecilia Magnusson-Sjöberg: Internetanpassning av personuppgiftslagen, in: Lov & Data, No. 59, 1999 pp. 13-15
Wolfgang Kilian / Dörte Funkat: Structuring Legal Knowledgeon Data Protection: The EU-Data Protection Research ProjectDAPRO, in: Tjoa, A.M.
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