Date Topic Speaker
15-01-14 "Modelling a Datat Protection Impact Assessment under EU Law: a focus on sensitive (health) data processing in cloud based systems" Iheanyi Samuel Nwankwo (Sam)
20-09-11 "(Territoriale) Unterlassungsverfügungen im Internet – Internationale Zuständigkeit und anwendbares Recht" Daniel Rink
19-08-09 "Technology transfer agreements" Arne Nordmeyer
01-07-09 "Content Control on the Internet" Eva Egermann
16-06-09 "Law-related performance protection in favour of organizers by German Copyright Act (UrhG) and his perception." Nina Glimski
27-05.09 "We want your data!
Datenschutzrechtliche Beurteilung der Übermittlung von Fluggastdaten an
die USA"
Martin Sebastian Haase
15-04-09 From sole copyright owner to teams and networks: What remains of the creative “creator”? Prof. Metzger
18-02-09 "Biological Databases from a Sui Generis
Right Perspective"
Marcelo Corrales
21-01-09 "Accumulation of Computer software proprietary rights" Alexander Fiedler
17-12-08 "IT-Law and Santa Claus - which package fits?" Martin Sebastian Haase
19-11-08 "Control over the Internet? A comparison
between Germany and China"
"Developments and Status
Quo of eJustice in Germany"
Eva Egermann
Nico Reiners
15-10-08 "The new Creative Commons licences
Prof. Metzger