Secure and PrivatE smart gRid (SPEAR) is a 36 months H2020 funded project.

The project’s objectives include: to define and develop SPEAR system architecture, the security components and the privacy frameworks for the provisioning of situational awareness in relation to cybersecurity threats; to build attack detection mechanisms and promote resilience operations in smart grids; to increase situational awareness in smart grid networks; to create and maintain an anonymous repository of smart grid incidents; to provide smart network forensics subject to data protection and privacy, among others.


SPEAR aims at a) detecting and responding to cyber-attacks using new technologies and capabilities, b) detecting threat and anomalies timely, c) developing all-in-one security detection solutions, d) leveraging advanced forensics subject to privacy-preserving, e) confronting Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) and targeted attacks in smart grids, f) increasing the resilience of the smart grid innovation, g) alleviating the lack of trust in smart grid operators and h) empowering EU-wide consensus.


The project is made up of 17 partners from across Europe, coordinated by the University of Western Macedonia. IRI will be representing LUH and will participate in several work packages of the project. LUH will be mainly responsible for defining the User, Security and Privacy Requirements, as well as research Cyber Investigation Law and Regulations.


Förderinstitution: EU-Kommission
Fördermittel: 145.000 EUR (IRI)
Projektdauer: 36 Montate (since May 2018)
Projektmitarbeiter: Prof. Dr. Tina Krügel, LL.M.
Dr. Marc Stauch, M.A. (Oxon)
Iheanyi Samuel Nwankwo, LL.B. (Nigeria), BL, LL.M. (Hannover)