Iheanyi Samuel Nwankwo, LL.B (Nigeria), BL, LLM (Hannover)

Iheanyi Samuel Nwankwo


Studium und wissenschaftliche Qualifikationen

July 2015 Certificate on Health Law and Ethics, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
August 2013 Certificate on Internet Governance, Meissen, Germany
November 2011 Master of Laws (LL.M) Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law (Hannover/Stockholm)
Januar 2011 Certificate in Introduction to the Legal System of the United States of America (Leibniz Universität Hannover)
Okober 2008 Barrister at Law (BL), Nigerian Law School (Lagos, Nigeria)
September 2007 Bachelor of Laws (LL.B), University of Nigeria (Nsukka, Nigeria)   
Juni 2006 Certificate in Computer/IT Training, Afrihub/University of Nigeria (Nsukka, Nigeria)


Berufliche Tätigkeiten


since 01/2012 Research Assistant at the Institute for Legal Informatics





The status of data protection reform in Nigeria

March 19, 2015, Business Day Newspaper, [http://businessdayonline.com/2015/03/the-status-of-data-protection-reform-in-nigeria/]


The need for an interdisciplinary study in ICT and Law in Nigeria

December 2014, Business Day Newspaper, [http://businessdayonline.com/2014/12/the-need-for-an-interdisciplinary-study-in-ict-and-law-in-nigeria/#.VIBpATHF-Sq]


Missing Links in the Proposed EU Data Protection Regulation and Cloud Computing Scenarios: A Brief Overview

5 (2014) JIPITEC 32 [http://www.jipitec.eu/issues/jipitec-5-1-2014/3905/jipitec_5_1_nwanko.pdf]


p-BioSPRE - an information and communication technology framework for transnational biomaterial sharing and access (in collaboration with G Weiler, et al), 2014 ecancer 8 401 [DOI: 10.3332/ecancer.2014.401]


Navigating legal constraints in clinical data warehousing: a case study in personalized medicine (in collaboration with BR Jefferys, et al.), 2013 Interface Focus 3: 20120088 [http://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rsfs.2012.0088]


Assuring Data Privacy in Cloud Transformations (in collaboration with Tom Kirkham, et al), TRUSTCOM, 2012, 2013 [doi:10.1109/TrustCom.2012.97]


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Legal issues in clouds: towards a risk inventory (in collaboration with K Djemame, et al), Philos Trans A Math Phys Eng Sci. 2012 Dec 10;371(1983):20120075. doi: 10.1098/rsta.2012.0075


Proposed WIPO Treaty for Improved Access for Blind, Visually Impaired, and Other Reading Disabled Persons and Its Compatibility with TRIPS Three-Step Test and EU Copyright Law

2 (2011) JIPITEC 203[http://www.jipitec.eu/issues/jipitec-2-3-2011/3175/nwankwo.pdf]


Nigeria's SIM Card Registration Regulations 2010: The Implications of Unguarded Personal Data Collection (Online Publication of the International Legal Strategists Group, February 2011)


Attacks against Information Systems: How Safe is the Nigerian Cyber Space? (Online Publication of the International Legal Strategists Group, January 2011)


Measures Against Attacks on Information Systems: An Analysis of the European and African Unions' Legal Frameworks (LL.M Thesis 2011)


International Law and the Renewed Global War on International Terrorism:  September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks in Perspective (LL.B Thesis, 2007)


Informed Consent of a Patient and the Dilemma of the Medical Practitioner

The Barrister, Journal of Law Students Association, University of Nigeria, 2006




Electrifying the fence: finding the interface between IT and IP law

IP Workshop, Faculty of Law, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, 26 Nov. 2015 


Privacy and Health Information Technology: Reflecting Legal Requirements in Technical Solutions

The Erasmus Observatory on Health Law Summer School on Health Law and Ethics, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 7 July 2015


Legal and Ethical Aspects of In Silico-based Medicine

6th International Advanced Research Workshop on In Silico Oncology and Cancer Investigation – the CHIC Project Workshop,

Athens, Greece, 3-4 Nov. 2014


Providing a Network of Trust in Processing Health Data for Research (in collaboration with Elias Neri), 23RD EICAR Annual Conference, Frankfurt Germany, 17-18 Nov. 2014


The proposed data protection regulation and international data transfer in cloud transformations: a kaleidoscopic view

6th International Conference on Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, Brussels, 23-25 January 2013


Internet Governance in Africa

EUROSSIG Summer School Meissen, 4-10 August 2013


Legal Aspects of Information Security

INSITU summer school, Hannover, 2014



Blog posts

Developing a risk assessment methodology for data protection

December 2014, [http://blog.iri.uni-hannover.de/index.php/2014/12/17/developing-a-risk-assessment-methodology-for-data-protection/]


Challenges in Integrating Patient Generated Health Data into Clinical Workflow

June 2014, [http://blog.iri.uni-hannover.de/index.php/tag/e-health/]


Digital Humanities

December 2013, [http://blog.iri.uni-hannover.de/index.php/2013/12/09/digital-humanities/]


E-health and Cloud

June 2012, [http://blog.iri.uni-hannover.de/index.php/2012/06/25/e-health-and-cloud/]



Multimedia und Recht (MMR) News

Weltimmo s. r. o. v. Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság and the Concept of “Establishment” under Art. 4 (1)(a) Directive 95/46/EC

Beck Online ZD-Aktuell 2015, 04879


The Rise of Cloud Computing in Africa and the Privacy Dimension

Beck Online ZD-Aktuell 2015, 04790


Cybersecurity Legislation on the Way in Nigeria

Beck Online ZD-Aktuell 2015, 04615


African Union Adopts a Convention on Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection

Beck Online ZD-Aktuell 2014, 04432


Extending the US-Privacy Act to EU-Citizens under the ‘Data Protection Umbrella Agreement’

Beck Online ZD-Aktuell 2014, 04286


Cloud Computing for European Public Sector

Beck Online, ZD-Aktuell 2014, 03871


Harmonisation of Network and Information Security across the EU

Beck Online ZD-Aktuell 2013, 03572


African Union (AU) to Establish a Cyber Security Convention

Beck Online, ZD-Aktuell 2013, 03570


EC Adequacy Finding for Third Countries

Beck Online, ZD-Aktuell 2013, 03443


South Africa’s first comprehensive Data Protection legislation expected soon

Beck Online, ZD-Aktuell 2013, 03834


Internet Usage on the Rise in Africa

Beck Online ZD-Aktuell 2012, 02956