The MyHealthAvatar project is a research and demonstration-oriented iterative venture, in which the feasibility of creating personal health records configured as digital patients is studied. The primary motivation for the project is to help overcome the current fragmented approach taken by health systems in European countries, which makes gaining access to a consistent record of individual citizens that involves cross-border activities difficult.


The MyHealthAvatar vision is to generate a 4D avatar representing the health status of citizens and in the process to encourage the engagement of both medical professionals and citizens. The avatar will be designed as a lifetime companion for individual citizens that facilitates the collection of, and access to, long-term health-status information. By representing health status in this way, it is hoped to make a valuable contribution to individualized disease prediction and prevention; moreover, greater awareness of healthy lifestyles and the achievement of independent living will be promoted.


Project data

Supporting Institution: EU-Kommission
Project duration: 03.2013 – 02.2016
Project associates: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó
Dr. Marc Stauch
Dipl.-Jur. Sarah Jensen
Ass.iur. Alan Dahi, LL.M.