Just like the SMART project the RESPECT project deals with surveillance systems. It is about the application of several systems and particular types of procedures concerning prevention and suppression. Contrary to SMART this project deals with smart and non-smart technologies. There is also an overlap between RESPECT and CONSENT, the latter is about analyzing social networking. These networking systems can also be employed in fighting crime and terrorism.

In comparison with that both social and economic costs which are involved in surveillance technologies will be analyzed. Aim of the project is to research most effective methods also with an impact on data protection issues. On the one hand the task of the IRI is to provide a systematic overview about all the surveillance technologies, which are used pan-European by this time and in the future. On the other hand the IRI analyzes the German situation in all the following work packages.

The RESPECT consortium consists of 19 partners with European and Australian origin. The processing time amounts to 36 month.

Project data

Supporting institution: EU-Commission
Funding: 3,492,690.45 €; IRI 158,282.80 €
Project duration: 03.2012 - 02.2015
Project associates: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó
Dipl.-Jur. Christian Hawellek
Ass. iur. Friederike Knoke
Dipl.-Jur. Jonathan Stoklas