LL.M. (Edinburgh) Sylvia Jakob

Sylvia Jakob


Work experience


Summer 2016 Collaborating with Dr. Till Kreuzer on  the annotation of §§ 7-10 GPL for the Otto Schmidt IT-Rechtskommentar, will be published in 2017
Summer 2015 and 2016 Preparation and Organization of the 7. and 8. international Summerschool in Information Technology Law (IN SITU) at the Institute for Legal Informatics, Hanover 
2013 - 2014  Collaborating with Dr. Catharina Maracke on the project “ContributorAgreements: the next level of Contributor Agreements
Since 2012

Several legal translations from German into English and vice versa, as well as proofreading of English texts 

Setting up and coordinating the LL.B. in Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law at the Law Faculty of the Leibniz University Hanover , Research Associate at the Institute for legal Informatics, Hanover

2010 - 2012 Traineeship  in Glasgow, admission as a Scottish solicitor specializing in employment law



Since January 2016 PhD Candidate at the Institue of Legal Informatics, Hannover 
2014 - 2016 Preparation and taking of the examination of professional competence pursuant to §§ 16 ff. EuRAG to be admitted to the German Bar. Exam taken in December 2015 and April 2016 
2009 - 2011 LL.M. in Innovation, Technology and Law, University of Edingburgh (Schottland), Ø B
2008 - 2009 Diploma of Legal Practice, Glasgow Graduate School of Law
2004 - 2008 LLB. (Hons.) University of Abertay Dundee, First Class Honours Degree


List of publications and presentations (between 2012 – 2016)


1. Essays in legal journals

-(with Dr. Thomas Söbbing) Online-Plattformen, InTer 2016, 149
-VG Göttingen: Keine Nutzung von Dash-Cams im Straßenverkehr zur Dokumentation von Ordnungswidrigkeiten, ZD- Aktuell 2016, 05391
-(with Stud. Iur. Marius Mesenbrink) Belgian Court of Appeal: Facebook May Collect Data on Non-Facebook Users Via Cookies and Social-Plugins, ZD-Aktuell 2016, 05251
-Review of the e-Privacy Directive: Suggestions of the WP29 and EDPS, ZD-Aktuell 2016, 05290
-(with Stud. Iur. Raluca Stoica) EGMR: Barbulescu gegen Rumänien – Arbeitnehmer-überwachung auf dem Prüfstand, ZD-Aktuell 2016, 05057
- A Glimpse on the UK Investigatory Powers Bill, ZD-Aktuell 2015, 04915
-A Qualitative Study on the Adoption of Copyright Assignment Agreements (CAA) and Copyright License Agreements (CLA) within Selected FOSS Projects, 5 (2014) JIPITEC 105, para. 1


2. Book reviews

- Book Review: Annette Kur & Thomas Dreier, European Intellectual Property Law. (2014). JIPITEC, Vol. 5.


3. Essays in practically oriented publications

Kapitel „Contributor Agreement“, BITKOM-Leitfaden zu Open Source Software 2.0, Berlin 2015, https://www.bitkom.org/noindex/Publikationen/2016/Leitfaden/Open-Source-Software-20/Bitkom-Leitfaden-Open-Source-Software-20.pdf


4. Conference proceedings

-Telemedicus SoKo 2015, ZD-Aktuell 2016, 04170


5. Presentations

-BITKOM Software Summit 2014– Software verbindet Welten, 23.September 2014
Titel: Contributor Agreements: Friend or foe? Wann machen Contributor Agreements Sinn und wie
sollten sie ausgestaltet sein?
-ZB Med – Presentation 7. Mai 2015 – Die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen von Open Access
-IRI 30th Anniversary: 30 Years of Research History in IT Law, 8. November 2013Titel: IT Contract Law in the UK: Is the grass greener on the other side?


6. INSITU Summerschool 2014, 2015, 2016

Lecture on IT-Contract Law focusing on the sale of Computer Software, in particular standard software according to the ECJ´s Judgement in UsedSoft and its implications


7. Lectures

Introduction to European IP and IT LAW, Summersemester 2014, 2015, 2016 with a special focus on European Copyright, Trademark and Data Protection Law


8. Publications for the Institute for legal questions on Free and Open Source Software: http://www.ifross.org/:

15/05/2016-- Ein Recht auf (lebens-)lange Updates?
08/06/2015--Will the E-Commerce Provisions in the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) erode FOSS?
19/03/2015-- Versata Saga settled with prejudice
14/12/2014 --German UNESCO releases “unported” English Guide to Open Content Licenses
04/14/2014 --The Versata case: Third party beneficiary able to enforce copyleft obligation in State court
27/12/2013 -- JDownloader2: Neues Licht in der Frage wer, wann wer für Open Source Software haftet
09/09/2013 -- Standardized Contributor Agreements - the next level
06/13/2013 -- Google´s VP8 Patent Cross License Agreement: not as unencumbered as it
01/21/2013-- U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency Advisory Ruling on Open Source
Software defines Country of Origin for Purposes of Government Procurement


9. Translations

Among others:

Prof. Dr. Axel Metzger, Seller liability for defects in title according to Art. 41, 42 CISG, in Schwenzer/Atamer/Butler (eds.), Current Issues in CISG and Arbitration, The Hague 2014, 195-215.
Dr. Till Kreutzer, Ancillary Copyright for press publishers: background and key issues, Initiative gegen ein Leistungsschutzrecht, https://openmedia.org/sites/default/files/documents/acforpresspublishers_kreutzerengweb-3.pdf


10. Proofreading

Among others:

Dr. Till Kreutzer, Open Content, a practical Guide to using Open Content Licenses, Deutsche Unesco e.V., hbz, Wikimedia Deutschland, published 2014 https://www.unesco.de/fileadmin/medien/Dokumente/Kommunikation/Open_Content_A_Practical_Guide_to_Using_Open_Content_Licences_web.pdf